About David

David DiLullo is a percussionist, drum circle facilitator, sound worker and inspirational speaker. 
With Global Drum Circles, David has led team-building drum circles for AT&T, Yahoo!, eBay, SAP, Cisco, Genentech, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University Graduate Business School, Volkswagen Group of America, SunRun Solar, the City of San Jose, the Canadian Consulate and many more.  

Dave has also designed custom drumming programs for Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Cheri Huber, Centers for Spiritual Living, East West Bookstore and more.  

As a regular presenter at Kaiser Permanente's Mind-Body Wellness Program, he has worked with physicians, staff and patients facilitating both group meditations and drumming events. 

David has produced concerts with award-winning artists including Grammy Winner- William Ackerman, Grammy Nominee- Steven Halpern, Globally Acclaimed Didjeridu Artist Stephen Kent, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Shambhu and Nadine Risha.

As a percussionist, Dave has performed with Steven Halpern, Jeff Oster, Shambhu, Stephen Kent, Grammy nominated bassist Michael Manring, Gypsy Soul, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Eddie Watkins Jr, Nadine Risha, Gina Sala, and many more. 
David is endorsed by drum companies Remo Inc. and Vic Firth Inc. He is also a shamanic practitioner.
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Watch this quick video to learn about the Global Drum Circle experience.
Rickie Byars Beckwith : Global Heart Concert 2014
Free-style tambourine solo inspired by Glen Velez at Steven Halpern Concert 3/14/14.
With Shambhu, Premik Russell Tubbs, Jeff Oster, Frank Martin, Celso Alberti: Global Heart Concert #5, Palo Alto.... Special guest Will Ackerman.
Exchanging a solo with grammy-nominated Michael Manring at Global Heart Concert II  Nov 20, 2010 featuring Shambhu's #1 release "Sacred Love".
 With Gypsy Soul headlining at the awesome outdoor ampitheater at the Britt Festival, Jacksonville Oregon. 
With Jeff Oster, Michael Manring, Carl Weingarten, Kelly Park, in Eugene Oregon.