How to start your own drum circle

You don't need a whole lot... just gather a few friends together, select a place, and bring some drums. You don't even need formal "drums"... you can make music with things that you find around the house: a cardboard box, a pan, or just raid the kitchen cupboards! Drummer Arthur Hull calls these "found sounds". 

You can make up your own rules. For instance, it's totally ok to have other instruments besides percussion. 

Make sure to leave space in the "drum conversation" for others to have their chance to stand out. I find that the most enjoyable drum circles are not about how much you can play by yourself, but what kind of music you can create together.

If someone brings a drum ask permission if you want to play on it. 

You can start by taking turns starting to play a simple beat, and others can follow you. (The simpler the better...Some great rhythm ideas can be found on YouTube). Next, take turns adding your own notes and you are already improvising to a groove!

Anyone can do it, and yes, everyone has rhythm.  More tips on starting a drum circle can be found on wikiHOW. If you want to start a larger group, is a great way to go.


One...two...ready... have fun!