"Dave's drum circles are the perfect way to get out of your head and into your heart!"
- Marianne Williamson, best-selling author

"Thank you for an amazing team-building event at Google, David! People are still talking about it weeks after it ended. Excellent job!"
- Aji Oliyide, Program Manager at Google 

"David and his team did a tremendous job bringing our entire global staff together for this unique team-building exercise for Warner Bros Records. Our team walked away feeling energized, excited, and buzzed after their unifying experience of group drumming. We'd gladly hire David again in the future!"
- Susan Leon, SVP, Global Artist & Label Relations, Warner Bros Records

"David's drum circle was a unique way for our global team at App Annie to relax, have fun and connect with each other. I especially enjoyed the opportunity David gave each team member connect with the passion they bring to their jobs."
- Tony Gaming, Global Director, Product Support, App Annie

"The drum circle was the perfect addition to our team offsite meeting, helping us instill a greater sense of connection and shared vision for our group. Dave’s guided visualization exercise helped set the tone for change… reminding us that true change starts in the heart, not the head. I recommend Dave to anyone who wants a creative and meaningful way to connect your group together."
- Greg Pedone, eBay, General Manager, eBay Giving Works

"Unforgettable! Our staff (doctors, nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, counselors and social workers) are raving about the drum circle! It was the best thing we've ever done at a retreat. Thank you to David and your team!"
- Bren Turner, RN, Charge Nurse, Richard Fine People's Clinic, Zuckerberg SF General Hospital and Trauma Center

"We couldn't have thought of a more appropriate way to culminate our 6-week intensive training than to kick off the opening of our new inpatient psychiatric care center with a drum circle. In a word- "awesome!" Thanks Dave."
- N. Barry Hughes, Ph.D. Clinical Administrative Director, Behavioral Health Center, Kaiser Permanente

"The drum circle was definitely a hit for our Leadership Development Program... it really energized the group and helped kick the meeting off in an exciting and engaging way. The drum circle aligned wonderfully with our goals for the meeting... inspiring collaboration, communication, innovation and unity among our emerging leaders."
- Lizlynne Hannig, AT&T, Program Manager, Leadership Development 

“David DiLullo is a pleasure to work with. He is the consummate professional bringing the gift of sound and music-making to the corporate arena. We've worked together twice this year at Genentech - I asked David for his help in creating a memorable experience where people could drop out of their heads and into the parts of us that the corporate world cannot honor: the heart and the body. My two groups had the opportunity to feel deeply unified within themselves, and intimately connected to each other (50+ person group) as they engaged in creating something most of them had never experienced before. We made beautiful music together, and the entire experience, ambiance, welcoming environment has turned into a beloved event. Thank you, David - and many thanks to your team as well without whom we would miss some structural elements. I so look forward to working with you again... and again... and again.”
- Robin Parker Meredith, Executive Coach (Genentech Event)

"Dave really connected with our employees and immediately made them comfortable with this new and unique activity. Even the skeptics were soon jumping in and having fun drumming! Many commented how good it was for the psyche – allowed them to relax and let off steam! I know the team will remember this event and want to do it again!"
- Lia McKenzie, Cisco Services Technology Group 

"Dave and his team delivered a great team event on budget and were very easy to work with. They brought professionalism to everything they did, and provided a relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere for our team to be themselves and let go of some of the stress of the day! I highly recommend Global Drum Circles for a corporate team-building exercise."
- Maryam Ahmadi, Intel Corp. 

"Dave's drum circles helped bring a stronger sense of unity to our teams. The unique "visioning" exercise underscored our potential to do even greater things this year. Overall, drumming was a fun way for the whole team to end on an "up-beat". Dave is a strong communicator and knows how to appropriately bring new experiences like drumming into a corporate setting...and he took the time to truly understand and deliver our goals for the event. I would highly recommend Global Drum Circles to any company looking for a unique and memorable team-building event."
- Jennifer Aguilar, SAP

“I've been fortunate to work with David and his team on several large (up to 120 global leaders) d.school executive educational programs at Stanford University. My team was very intent on the drumming delivering specific teaching points in a very narrow window and David was able to customize his offering to meet our needs. David is also fantastic in front of a crowd. He provided clear, confident instruction that resulted in wonderful harmony (impressive considering the size of group and most were novices). It was magical to hear 120 drums playing in sync and see the executives step out of their normal routine to do something completely different and sometimes slightly uncomfortable. I recommend him highly for these sorts of programs and expect he could execute many others.” 
- Sarah Holcomb, Stanford Graduate Business School

"Amazing drum circle! ...180 people drumming for peace, for love and for the power of intention! The walls were literally shaking with the vibration and energy of the collective consciousness! Thank you David DiLullo for facilitating the experience that people are still talking about!"
- Rev. Joe Hooper, Palm Desert Center for Spiritual Living 

"Dave’s work in rehabilitation programs for stroke and brain injury survivors offers an exciting new channel for healing and recovery. After the last drum circle, a stroke survivor with partial paralysis claimed that he had forgotten about his affliction for the first time."
- Mahnaz Motayar, Ph.D., Licensed Neuropsychologist

"The drumming does something magical…it truly is a platform for much more than stress reduction. Dave’s music really adds to the breadth of our programming here…Both patients and employees have raved about the experience and are asking for more."
- MiMi Belser, Manager, Mind-Body Wellness Center, Dept of Health Education, Kaiser Santa Clara 

"Dave does more than lead drum circles – he opens others up to the very best of who they are! Dave continually adjusts to the energy of the room, intuitively knowing how to bring each  participant to their full potential…awakening an “aliveness” within all of those attending. I have no doubt that those participating tap into a higher sense of their own inner purpose."
- Rev. Jane Beach, Conscious Living Center, Mountain View

"Dave's drum circle helped make our meeting a success for everyone. Much more than an icebreaker, we were looking for an innovative way to bring a diverse group of AT&T leaders from various disciplines and tenures together, and inspire them to "think as one" in a very short span of time. Dave's positive contribution and infectious energy were a key element."
- Stephen J Hannel, AT&T, Area Sales Manager, Advertising Solutions

"I want express my gratitude for the experience of mishe (happiness) through your Global Drum Circle!"
- Kokomon Clottey, Author of "Mindful Drumming"

"Dave's drum circle was a fantastic addition to an end-of-year celebration for one of my top corporate clients. Dave has a way to get everyone involved and having fun. He and his team did a great job, and I loved that they were set up willing to move with the motion of the event. I highly recommend Global Drum Circles for a memorable company or private event."
- Lisa Smith, President - An Affair 2 Remember www.aa2r.com

"David brings a unique talent in being able to explain drumming to anyone.  He also offers drumming as a means of meditation and healing, which makes these drum circles so popular. Until now, we didn’t have a standing drum circle. David’s program fulfills an important need in our community and he draws people of all walks of life."
- Rasamayi, Events Manager, East West Bookstore, Mountain View

"Dave adds a light-hearted nature to everything he does, and I’ve noticed that he has become an attractor of new people to our center through his Drum Circles….Like all great experiences, one really has to experience the drum circle first-hand to truly appreciate it."
- Marilyn Pelz, Education Director, Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose

"Thank you David, for a wonderful experience last night. The vibrations filled my heart and body like a deep OM chant before my yoga practice."
- Lori Neumann, San Jose